Bad Mouth Smell, Try Tongue Scrape

Many things people do to eliminate bad breath, one of them with tongue scrapings. From the medical side, tongue scrapings are proven effective in helping to eliminate bad breath by cleaning germs that stick to the tongue. According to research, the condition of bad breath or halitosis, almost 90 percent is caused by bacteria derived from food scraps and protein in saliva. The tongue is one of the many locations inhabited by these bacteria. Clean the Surface of the Tongue Tongue scraping is intended to clean the accumulation of bacteria, fungi, dead cells, and food debris on the surface of the tongue. This hoarding can be caused by fungal infections, dry mouth, smoking, the use of certain drugs, and lack of fluid intake, especially if oral and dental hygiene are poorly maintained. Bacteria and fungi that normally grow around the tongue are also often associated with problems in the mouth and overall body health. One of them is the problem of bad breath or halitosis. Research on t
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